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Parents often ask me why kids ask why so much…  Here are my thoughts at Quora.com!

Answer by Seth Koster:

At this age kids want to have the types of conversations their parents and older peers have.  They often don’t know how to make that happen, but they find that using the question ‘why’ continues the give and take flow they hope to participate in.

The best way to approach this is to offer them the opportunity to respond to your questions back and develop conversational skills.  For example when your child asks why, give your thought and then ask the child his thought.  So if your child asks you why the cat is furry you can say “I think the cat is furry so he stays warm in the winter, why do you think the cat is
furry?”  This gives your child the opportunity to expand the conversation with meaningful discourse and develop cognitive, language and processing skills.

My toddler asks “why?” to just about everything. How should I handle this?

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