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Hi friends!

I created a new, free activity for Telepractice Speech-Language Pathologists to use with people who need to work on reading and/or listening comprehension.


Let your students see and hear a typical Vietnamese market in action with narration filled with interesting facts about the market and Vietnamese people who shop there.


  • Full length (3 minute, 35 second) video.
  • 8 pages of script in easy to read vocabulary for middle school and high school.
  • 8 question quiz at the end.
  • This resource is a complete session for Telepractice Speech-Language Therapists!

screenshot3Question 1 ScreenshotAll questions have Quicklinks you can click to go to the page where the student can re-read the paragraph that has the answer. All pages of script have Quicklinks you can use to jump right to the question about the information on that page.


Full color pictures, immediate feedback when students answer questions, this resource makes learning fun and providing therapy easy!

Thanks very much, I hope you enjoy it!