I own and run a private practice in which I work with English speaking children and adults who have speech and language delays or disorders.

I work all over the world using easy to use video conferencing, so no matter where you are we can connect and I can serve your needs!

You can also find some apps and resources to help kids and families of kids with communication disorders there. Click the image above to check it out!


Let your students see and hear a typical Vietnamese market in action with narration filled with interesting facts about the market and Vietnamese people who shop there.

Full color pictures, immediate feedback when students answer questions, this resource makes learning fun and providing therapy easy!

I have a website where I post **FREE** activities for telepractice.

I offer activities such as Articulation Word Searches, Memory Games, Board Games, Madlibs, a Document Camera, Categorization Activities, Puzzles, I-Spy, Social Situation Problem Solving, Syllable Building, Using Articles, and many more!

Please use it as a resource. I currently have over 250 free activities for you to use, mostly articulation word searches but I am adding many other types.

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  1. I am particularly interested to know what services our son and DIL may have in Okinawa for their 30 month old son who has been recently diagnosed as having mixed receptive expressive disorder. Our son is US military and will be stationed there for the next three years. We know that early intervention is critical in helping children reach their full potential. Any resources you can provide us would be appreciated.

  2. Hello,

    Does the Diadochokinetics Assessment App support iOS 11? I work in an organization that supports Speech Language Pathologists and have received reports of functionality issues with the app in iOS 11.

    JR Trembly

  3. I am looking for a native English speaker who is a licensed or certified Speech Pathologist to begin private therapy with my child in my home 1-2 times per week for a hour session in Tokyo. P.S My chid is trilingual. We have a psychoeducational evaluation report.

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